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Jeff Robinette: During The Great Depression, when my father was a boy, he broke his arm and the surgeon reset in an L position. And so, the doctor had to re-break it, but the surgeon did it wrong the second time. They went back and the doctor said, “If I break it again he probably will lose his arm.”

My grandparents went to see an attorney and they were told that there was no case. They found out later that the doctor and the lawyer they went to were golfing buddies. And so, they really felt betrayed, because they didn’t feel that the lawyer was fair and honest with them.

That has inspired me to be the most honest I can be with my clients. Integrity in the practice is an important part of every lawyer’s desire to help people, and it’s certainly a part of my practice.

Brain Injury Client’s Father: It was a phone call that no parent should ever have to get.

Brain Injury Client’s Mother: On the day of the accident I had just come home from work and my husband was already at the house. He was trying to tell me that something had happened to Zach, that there was a possibility that he may not live.

Zach worked on a natural gas rig, there were industrial chains that broke loose and they ended up hitting him in the head going through his hard hat, penetrated his skull, and hit him in the brain.

And he was going to need a personal injury lawyer. I didn’t want just a run of the mill lawyer. We were going up against some large companies. When I met Jeff, I knew he was going to be the perfect fit.

He had, not just confidence, but he had a proven track record. He really was looking out for our son’s best interest and that is the most important thing to me.

Brain Injury Client’s Father: I think he’s there for you, and he wants to make sure that you are taken care of.

Burn Injury Client:I didn’t feel like it was my time to go yet. I was repairing a piece of plastic, my tool burns at 1260 degrees. I smelled something and it ignited so fast I watched the pant leg on my coveralls just turn into ash.

The last thing I remember was them opening up the back doors of the ambulance, then I woke up in the hospital two weeks later. After I woke up I had all the mirrors and everything in my room covered. I didn’t want to see myself.

Jeff was amazing from the get-go. He said, “Nothing is ever going to be good enough for what you’ve been through, but we’re going to make it to where you’ll be comfortable for the rest of your life.”

And he has.

Jeff and his team have been a Godsend. They make you feel comfortable, and it’s something I’ve really needed.

Jeff Robinette:We endeavor to give every client the very best representation that we can. We will provide the strength that you need to get through this process.

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Jeffery Robinette was admitted to practice law in 1991 and is licensed in all levels of state and federal trial courts in West Virginia. Mr. Robinette is also licensed in all state and federal appeals courts in West Virginia and the United States Supreme Court. As a National Board Certified Trial Attorney who has handled hundreds of motor vehicle, injury, and construction defect claims and a leading author on insurance claims settlement issues and difficulties in West Virginia, Jeff Robinette is uniquely qualified to represent your best interest.