It was 8:30 a.m. on a freezing winter morning when I received the call, the call all parents hope they will never receive. The call was from the Ruby Hospital emergency department notifying us that two of our young adult children had been taken by ambulance for treatment after a motor vehicle collision in Morgantown.

When Our Own Young Adult Children Were Injured in a Collision…

What We Did When Our Own Children Were Injured in an AccidentWhen our own daughters were injured in a car accident, the urgency of the situation caused me to consider what was immediately needed and essential in helping our own injured daughters, both WVU students living in Morgantown at the time, to move forward after a serious collision and to use the advice that Jeff has so freely given to other families.

Everyone’s primary thought for the girls was “How can we make them stop hurting and help them to move forward toward full physical and emotional recovery?”

Medical Treatment And Care After The Collision

Clearly, immediate medical treatment in the ED and then seemingly endless follow-up visits to various specialists were key components in helping our young adult children to progress toward wholeness and recovery, in addition to the compassion, patience, and encouragement poured out by family and everyone in their circles.

In our journey, we found that the prescribed treatment was not always the best treatment, and found it necessary to seek a second opinion in an attempt to minimize pain and hopefully achieve future restoration of appearance and health.

Tips for Parents After an Accident

Faithfulness in keeping the appointments with various providers is time consuming and expensive. Even so, it is essential to keep good records of lost wages and expenses and to document through journaling the progress in seeking emotional and physical wellness.

If one method of pain relief isn’t working, seek out alternatives such as chiropractic care or physical therapy. If you need health care, Morgantown has it in abundance. We are blessed to have so many quality health care providers within just a few miles.

If your family is also going through a similar recovery process after a collision, our hearts go out to you. Best wishes for your loved one’s best recovery.

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