Those who are involved in commercial truck accidents in West Virginia are often wise to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. This is because it may be possible to hold the trucker and the truck company legally accountable, potentially among other parties as well. It can be important that a skilled attorney is on the case right away as truck companies are notorious for minimizingtruck accidentclaims and critical evidence and record books often tend to disappear soon after a truck accident.

One West Virginia couple is currently suing a truck driver and several truck companies after the trucker allegedly crashed into their car in Mount Hope.

The West Virginia Record has reported on the case, stating that the husband was driving his pickup on U.S. 19 when he was struck by the truck trailer. Few further details of that accident were not included in the report, but the couple is seeking compensation for medical expenses and other damages.

The report notes that the man was injured in the accident and he sustained at least $6,000 in medical bills as a result. He reportedly requires further medical care, and his wife has also suffered as a result of his injuries.

The lawsuit names the truck driver, his employer or employers and the owners of the truck as defendants. The couple has requested a jury trial.

In many cases, truck companies should be held accountable for the injuries people suffer in accidents involving their trucks or employees. Truck companies are often found in violation of federal trucking regulations, and this results in dangerous collisions. We do not know whether that is the case here, but nonetheless this litigation is an example of the fact that truck companies can and should be held responsible after truck accidents in West Virginia.

Source:The West Virginia Record, “Couple sues trucking company after accident,” Melody Dareing, May 1, 2014

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