When car accidents take place, the cause is not always as obvious as it seems. For example, sometimes it first seems as if a driver is clearly at fault, when a defective vehicle actually led to the accident. In other cases, poor traffic planning and road maintenance play a role in collisions. In truck accidents, the employers of commercial drivers often are responsible for over-scheduling drivers or poorly maintaining fleets.

Morgantown residents might remember hearing about a tragic pedestrian accident that took place last summer when a Jimmy John’s delivery driver struck a man who was walking his dog. The man did not survive, and now his daughter is accusing Jimmy John’s of encouraging its delivery drivers to drive recklessly.

West Virginia residents are likely familiar with the company’s “freaky fast delivery” slogan. The company heavily advertises its speedy sandwich delivery service. The victim’s daughter has filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing it of putting quick delivery above all else, including safe driving.

Witnesses have reported that the Jimmy John’s driver was driving quite fast before he struck the Morgantown man in August.

Jimmy John’s was sued for similar reasons after one of its drivers was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2011. That case has yet to be decided. Some West Virginia residents might also recall that Domino’s used to guarantee prompt pizza delivery times until this was linked to acar accident.

When employers of drivers foster hazardous driving, they should be held responsible. Car accident victims are often wise to seek legal counsel in order to learn who may be responsible for the accidents they were involved in, and how those parties can be held accountable.

Source:The West Virginia Record, “Jimmy John’s ‘Freaky Fast’ promise led to man’s death, suit claims,” Chris Dickerson, Feb. 13, 2014

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