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When You’ve Been Involved in a Multi-car Collision in WV

Posted On March 27, 2014 I Car Accident Injuries, Car Accidents, Firm News

Winter Driving Conditions Cause Multi-vehicle Accidents in West Virginia One of the beauties of West Virginia is its mountains and high altitudes. It looks like “almost heaven” from the windows of our homes, but once you get out on the roads, it can seem quite the opposite when snow, ice, and foggy conditions make driving…

Why is Insurance Offering so Little for My Injury Claim?

Posted On March 25, 2014 I Firm News, Personal Injury

When a traumatic event occurs, causing injury to another person, the at-fault party who is insured under a policy of insurance is required to notify their insurance company of the incident. Aclaims adjusterwill be assigned to investigate and “adjust” the claim. Insurance adjusters have stressful jobs. They spend eight to twelve hours a day behind…

Defects in Vehicle Design can Result in Serious Injuries and Death

Posted On March 19, 2014 I Car Accident Injuries, Firm News

Honda Recalls Odyssey for the Third Time in Less Than a Year An automotive part or system that fails at highway speeds can result in a catastrophic accident, causing serious injuries or death. Defects in a vehicle’s seatbelt, airbag, or fuel delivery system, brakes, accelerator, or engine system, are common culprits of these catastrophic injuries….

Communications and Cell Phone Tower Injuries and Fatalities

Posted On March 14, 2014 I Firm News, Workplace Injuries, Wrongful Death

West Virginia Cell Phone Tower Fatalities The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a specific warning to the communications tower industry on its safety practices. The industry has had four fatalities so far this year and 13 deaths in 2013 at communication tower work sites. noted in a February 10th letter to some…

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Daycare Negligence and Injuries

Posted On March 13, 2014 I Child Injuries, Day Care Injuries, Firm News

Every day, working and single parents in West Virginia place their children in some form of daycare. Child care services are available in private homes or professional facilities, but regardless of the location, childcare providers are expected to be trustworthy and educated professionals. When they fail to meet their duties towards clients and their children,…

Couple says defective Ford pick-up caused man’s serious injuries

Posted On March 11, 2014 I Car Accidents, Firm News

If your vehicle has ever been subjected to a recall, you know how frustrating this process can be. Motor vehicle recalls may be initiated by an automaker or mandated by the government, and they typically require car owners to bring their vehicles into dealers for repairs. While the repairs should be free, this is still…

Official Report Concerning I-77 Pipeline Explosion

Posted On March 11, 2014 I Firm News, Gas Explosion

I-77 Gas Pipeline Blast Blamed on Corrosion and Lack of Inspections According to a report released on March 10, 2014 bythe National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the major gas line explosion on I-77 near Charleston, WVprobably could have been prevented if the pipeline had been inspected or tested, and the fire’s severity and duration could…

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

Posted On March 4, 2014 I Firm News, Insurance Issues

Every year thousands of individuals are seriously injured in automobile collisions in West Virginia, requiring significant medical treatment. Many don’t have the financial resources to pay for their own medical treatment or lost wages. A recent client was injured in a collision on the interstate highway, and had assumed he had adequate insurance coverage. Turns…

Jimmy John’s sued after ‘freaky fast’ driver killed pedestrian

Posted On February 28, 2014 I Car Accidents, Firm News

When car accidents take place, the cause is not always as obvious as it seems. For example, sometimes it first seems as if a driver is clearly at fault, when a defective vehicle actually led to the accident. In other cases, poor traffic planning and road maintenance play a role in collisions. In truck accidents,…

What is the Best Remedy for Lower Back Pain After an Accident?

Posted On February 23, 2014 I Car Accident Injuries, Firm News, Workplace Injuries

Early Treatment Including Physical Therapy Reduces Suffering for Patients with Low Back Injuries By Dr. Justin Deskovich, DPT, MPT, OCS, SCS CSCS, DAC of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates Morgantown, West Virginia Low back pain (LBP) affects up to 80% of Americans at least once in our lives with re-occurrence rates from 50% up…

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